Monday, November 17, 2008

Daddy's girl!

Before I post a word about Brielle today, I need to apologize to the bloggers (or lurkers) who have been reading here and were offended with photo captions I posted. First of all, I LOVE my daughter and the country from where she was born and the Chinese culture. I never meant to "make fun" and intentionally hurt anyone. I have removed the wording which depicted dialect for fear of insulting anyone else. However... I do not blog for anyone but my family and friends. They know me and understand my humor. So for those of you who felt it necessary to let me know how you felt, thanks, but doing it anonymously does not allow me to contact you directly. Oh well.

Now that that is out of the way.... Brielle certainly has become a little Daddy's girl of late! I have had to work early and extended hours the past week which has afforded Brie and her Dad a lot of one-on-one time. Wow... she wants him by her side every minute now. Yesterday at church Rob dropped Brie off at Tots Landing and she screamed (literally from what I was told) when her Dad handed her off the to women working in her classroom. I wondered what was taking him so long as I went ahead and saved us seats in the auditorium. Finally, he had to get one of the Dad's who was working the registration desk to get her at which time she quieted right down.
I was totally expecting that to happen while we were in China... not four months later! I promise I'm trying to be the best mom I can be to her (although the ticked off lurkers would totally disagree with me on this right now!) But she is in LOVE with her Dad for sure.

Yesterday Olivia and I had our first one-on-one time since we returned from China. We went to see Madagascar 2. I think I laughed more than she did! We enjoyed popcorn and skittles and shared a drink! It was wonderful as I do miss spending time with the girls. Then we went home and played with Brielle who had napped almost the entire time we were gone. I wish weekends would come around alot faster than they do!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Not too impresed with the costume bit

Halloween was very low key for us here in our cul-de-sac. I went out and purchased way, way too much candy. Whole candy bars for my neighborhood kids and not a ONE showed up at the door. We only had four groups of kids ring the doorbell. I'm guessing parents are getting their children involved with community/church gatherings on that night versus letting them go to run from door to door as we did as kids. We had a shooting here in SC! Can you believe that? Some poor kid and his brother were trick-or-treating with their father close behind them and they get shot when they went to the door of a home! Young son and the dad were treated and released but the older boy was shot above the eye and died! I understand why parents keep their kids from getting out now. Problem is i now have all this chocolate and sugar filled treats in my pantry that is constantly calling my name!! I need to bring it in to work to share with everyone.

Brielle was a butterfly for Halloween. She wasn't thrilled with all the paraphenalia. She proceeded to rip off a fuzzy antler on the borrowed costume minutes after we dressed her in it!! So now I need to glue it back on somehow. I guess she related it to the bows I still try to keep in her hair that she repeatedly pulls off. ;)

I am trying to teach Brie some sign language. The whiny little noise she makes over & over & over when she trys to communicate with us had led me to try something...anything... to keep her from doing it. This morning I ignored her whine for something she didn't have and suddenly she started signing for something to eat!! Needless to say i was thrilled and immediately rewarded her!! Now if I can just get her to sign for potty we'll be in business. She is still doing pretty well with that. Consistency with attempts is the key.

Every day with her is so amazing. Even when she keeps me up at night I try to savor every minute because I know too well how temporary this too will be!

Becoming a family at Adoption signing

Becoming a family at Adoption signing

The bow actually sticks!

Brielle's nanny loves on her during wait

Hey.. i can't see much from down here

Summer Palace

Summer Palace
This place is so beautiful!

The infamous Squatty Potty!

The infamous Squatty Potty!
it's all there was....