Thursday, October 23, 2008

She Walks!

On our third month anniversary of Gotcha Day ~October 22nd~ our little peanut decided she would quit messing around with scooting and sliding and decided to boldly step out and WALK. When I picked her up from the babysitter yesterday afternoon, Brielle walked all the way across the living room to me with a "Hi Mom" look on her face! I loved it. I had only seen her take a few shuffle plop steps before this. It was amazing to see how much balance she had. Her next demonstration was toddling over to her Dad who was at the opposite end of our kitchen. She kept it up to get the applause and I can say she slept so well last night that I had a hard time to wake her this morning . It is so fun to see the changes she experiences every day! I can't believe it has already been three months since she was placed in my arms.

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Already October!

I'm sorry we haven't posted anything in so long...

What a totally incredible Summer this has been. God is so amazing! Talk about miracles ~ We experienced many throughout this adoption process and most recently our trip. One thing is for certain.. He keeps His promises, and Brielle is a living testament to that my friends!

I've been simply stunned at how many people we had reading our blog while we were in China! People I do not even know have told us they followed our blog. Now that we have been home for 10 weeks, I can reflect on our journey with great joy. We looked at our trip photos for the first time the other night. Rob's mom and stepdad were here visiting from NY and got to meet Brielle for the first time. Telling people of our journey seems so amazing to me now that the psychotic rollercoaster of emotion is out of the picture! And now that we have bonded as a family so much more so than when we were in China, reflecting on that time there has taken on a whole new meaning for me.

Brielle has brought so much joy to our family and friends in the short time she has been with us... If I would have had a glimpse of what a complete blessing she was going to be to us the three year wait would have been much more difficult than it was! Does that make any sense??
Anyway we LOVE every little chinese inch of her!

She is finally starting to fill out a bit and her hair is growing! Just within the past few days Brie is actually letting me put bows in her hair. She now has 14 teeth... maybe more I'm afraid to feel around back there for fear of getting bitten! She knows the concept of brushing her teeth; however, it's NOT her favorite thing to do. She is very good about going potty tho! Believe it or not I started sitting her on the big potty with a training seat as soon as we got home only because I knew she was used to "going" on those chairs at the orphanage. Low and behold... she goes! 1 & 2!! Now.. I dont force the issue, and it may be a while before she can tell me..but she's well ahead of the curve. Brie has taken three or four steps on her own. She is still doing the "Lt. Dan" scoot as Rob calls it vs. crawling! That's awful isn't it? But she moves pretty quickly.

Brielle had a great time with Olivia and Emma on her first visit to a pumpkin patch. She found a pumpkin and wouldn't let go of it! Too cute. Enjoy some updated pictures.

Life is good.

Becoming a family at Adoption signing

Becoming a family at Adoption signing

The bow actually sticks!

Brielle's nanny loves on her during wait

Hey.. i can't see much from down here

Summer Palace

Summer Palace
This place is so beautiful!

The infamous Squatty Potty!

The infamous Squatty Potty!
it's all there was....